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  • Our educational programmes are taught exclusively to children in the final 2 years of primary school.
  • It's a series of five one hour lessons for the Old Testament and five one hour lessons for the New Testament.
  • We locate the major geographical movements of all the key characters, and make them memorable.
  • The aim is to teach children the storyline of the Bible - the big picture.
  • The teaching is non-denominational, non-confessional and non-conversionary.
  • Using storytelling, drama, videos, multi-media and more ensures that all learning types (audio, visual and kinaesthetic) can connect.
  • Our unique keywords and handsigns help everyone remember the storyline.
  • Above all it's FUN, it gets children excited about the most amazing book of all time.
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What are people saying about it?

The teachers say...

Brilliant! A vivid way to explore the Old Testament. The pupils really enjoy learning in such a lively and varied way. A definite highlight in the year 5 curriculum
I think all the schools in the area should take part in Bible Explorer
One of our pupils has a four second attention span and he is so engaged, he manages to remain in the lessons

The pupils say...

I never realised how much fun the Bible could be! It was all really fun! The stories were fantastic! I'll always remember them
It was the best 5 lessons of RE I've ever had in my life!
I enjoyed it ever so much. I can't wait to do it again. I did not know much about the Bible and now I bet I know nearly everything! I am never going to forget it! My certificate is standing in our cupboard, and my sister can't wait until she gets to do it when she is in class 5