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References: Name two people who have heard you speak in public, at least three times, who would be able to comment on your communication skills. One should be a church leader and neither should be related to you.
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"I understand that this application form is an information gathering tool only, that it does not obligate Walk Through the Bible to me nor me to WTB, and that all information herein contained will be held in strict confidence in accordance with our privacy policy which can be viewed here. I also certify that all information given is correct and up to date to the best of my knowledge. I understand that a disclosure will be required in the event of a successful application. I agree that I will not use WTB materials or it’s training in any other capacity":

Please read our Statement of Faith here

We look forward to providing…

  • Comprehensive training including all teaching materials to equip you to teach Live Events.
  • A supply of materials for teaching children/youth/adults.
  • A selection of Ministry Products for promotion purposes at adult events.
  • Regular updating of the materials when change is necessary.
  • Evaluation to help you become the best Presenter possible.
  • Annual meetings for fellowship, updates and developmental training.
  • A readily accessible ear to discuss aspects of the ministry of Walk Through the Bible.
  • Regular prayer support for our Presenters.

In return, we expect our Walk Through Presenters to…

  • Actively seek opportunities to promote and obtain leads for Live Events.
  • Actively seek financial support for our MINI programme for children.
  • Be team players, offering advise and support whenever possible.
  • Refrain from adding or deleting from the core and ethos, or the materials used in the teaching of Live Events.
  • Keep teaching materials responsibly and securely.
  • Return teaching materials when requested, usually when no longer teaching for WTB ministries.
  • Refrain from copying or loaning teaching materials to a third party.
  • Refrain from promoting another ministry or programme in the context of a Walk Through the Bible Live Event.
  • Support our office staff by completing a small amount of pre and post event administration.
  • Regularly pray for Walk Through the Bible.

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