OT MINI video lessons

Every 9-11 year old child in your school can know the storyline of the Old Testament through our series of action-packed 20min videos - and it won’t cost your school a penny!

This resource is only available for schools in the British Isles - please contact us on mail@Bible.org.uk with any questions

For over 20 years Walk Through the Bible has been Bringing the Bible to life for children in primary schools. We teach the biblical story with accuracy, with no spiritual applications, in a way that children can enjoy and engage with the stories presented. Without a schedule that includes marking, reporting, target setting or preparing for inspections, we have been able to take our time - refining our sessions to make them as helpful as possible for your children.

10 x 20 minute videos - each with a short activity part way through. We’ve done all the preparation, you just need to press play - and encourage your children to join in. Our teacher PDF Pack includes activity outlines and extension materials. We have three printed resources which accompany the children as they Walk Through the Old Testament with us. (Please note these resources have been designed for and are only available for schools within the British Isles)

  1. Workmaps* - a foldable A3 sheet per child will provide evidence for learning.
  2. Storybooks* - can be used to consolidate learning.
  3. Activity Booklets - extension materials (available from Sept 2021)

* In light of COVID Guidelines, all materials will be packed and sent ahead of time to ensure they arrive safely.

All costs for your school, for videos and printed materials, have been covered by donations already given to our charity.

OT MINI is an accredited resource for ‘Understanding Christianity’, fitting perfectly with the 'People of God' unit for upper Key Stage 2. Digging Deeper materials can be found here...

We hope to have our New Testament Video Series available from Sept 2021.