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The Bible. What a book! The all-time best seller.

The stories are EPIC!

Our team of Presenters pass on these Bible stories in an engaging way, taking children back in time, helping them understand the individual stories - and also how the underlying narrative ties them all together as one incredible story!

OT MINI and NT MINI are educational programmes specifically designed to help 9-11 year olds uncover key features of both the Jewish and Christian faiths, explaining the grand narrative, festivals and celebrations.

Through a series of five 45-60 minute sessions we locate the major geographical movements of all the key characters, and make them memorable.

We connect well with audio, visual and kinaesthetic learners through storytelling, actions and drama.

OT MINI and NT MINI are fun and get children excited about the most amazing book of all time.

Understanding Christianity
OT MINI is an accredited resource for understanding Christianity, fitting perfectly with the 'People of God' unit for upper Key Stage 2.
Understanding Christianity Accredited
OT1 Beginnings
Creation of the world - Noah and the Flood - Abraham, Father of many Nations - Joseph and his coat of many colours
OT2 Moses
The first Passover - 10 Commandments
Spying out the Promised Land
OT3 Promised Land
Joshua conquers Jericho - Gideon puts out a fleece - Samson the strong man - Ruth, Great Grandmother of David
OT4 Kingdoms
David and Goliath - David the Psalmist - Solomon the ‘king with 1000 wives’ - Prophets begin to speak
OT5 Exile
Jewish exile in Babylon - Temple rebuilt after return from exile - God makes them wait…
…one day the Messiah will come
Understanding Christianity
NT MINI is an accredited resource for understanding Christianity, fitting perfectly with the 'Kingdom of God' unit for upper Key Stage 2.
Understanding Christianity Accredited
NT1 Arrival
WHO is Jesus? Much happens between the OT and the NT - How does this affect the people of Israel and their wait for the Christ?
NT2 Ministry
WHAT did Jesus do? Jesus lived for over 30 years with two years of public ministry - How do the people respond to Him?
NT3 Passion
WHY did Jesus die? Both the religious leaders and the Roman authorities were involved - What are the lasting implications?
NT4 Church
WHEN did Jesus’ church begin? After Jesus returns to heaven He sends a helper to replace Him - How does that impact the church?
NT5 Expansion
WHERE did Jesus disciples go? Following Paul and his companions as they travel the world sharing the Gospel - But, what is the Gospel?

Each child will be given an A3 foldable Workmap to help them to remember the whole storyline of the Old Testament or New Testament.

workmap resources

OT MINI and NT MINI have been developed for use exclusively in Primary Schools for 9-11 year olds.

Thanks to a bursary, funded by our supporters, the cost for many sets of these materials has already been pre-paid, allowing us to cover the £1 per child cost to schools for thousands of children each half-term.

Each Walk Through the Bible Presenter is a volunteer, so may appreciate any reimbursement available for travel expenses.

Our feedback stats

If you would like us to come to your school just give us a call on 01255 871000 or click the link at the bottom of the next section.

Since our re-launch in September 2016 schools have rated our lessons very highly.

The pupils’ reaction was one of wonderment and thought provoking questions were raised by the class. The children really enjoyed the sessions and couldn’t wait for the next one.
Mrs Astbury - Medlar with Wenham C of E, Lancashire
All pupils were engaged and enthusiastic to join in.
Mr Cole - Yattenden School, Surrey
A fantastic way of learning about the Bible.
Mr Rees - Cwnpadarn Primary, Ceredigion
They were excited for Tuesdays and even told parents about how they anticipated each session.
Ms White - Priory C of E Primary, London
It doesn’t feel like ‘work’ to them, yet they absorb so much!
Mr Mawhinney - Castle Gardens Primary, Northern Ireland
The children loved the physical side of learning. They remembered so much of the Old Testament and I still see them doing the actions.
Mrs Deakin - Marton & District C of E, Cheshire
It provides a wonderful framework which other aspects of the RE curriculum fit into.
Mr Catchpole - St Paul’s C of E, Surrey
So, your class enjoyed a Walk Through the Bible and you’re wondering WHAT NEXT?
We have three options for you:
  1. Consolidation

    Helping your children to remember the storyline of the Old or New Testament.

  2. Development

    Digging deeper - considering one aspect of the Biblical storyline and its implications.

  3. Competitions

    Design an Easter or Christmas card with a Biblical image or draw us a picture of your favourite OT story.

Just go to to find out more and download resources.

What next
OT NT MINI storybooks

We also have two great Bible storybooks retelling each of our 40 stories in a fun and memorable way.

Ask your Presenter for more details.

(If you work in a Church of England school you may be interested to note that our development resources show links to the Understanding Christianity programme).