Help the NEXT GENERATION see the bigger picture
Bringing the Bible to life

Our Team

Hundreds of Volunteers Bringing the Bible to life in schools all over the UK and Ireland.

life-changing message

Our Vision

To see the next generation of children inspired by the wonderful stories in the Bible.

next generation

Our Goal

To teach the life-changing message of the Bible to another 500,000 children in the next 10 years.


Our volunteer Presenters have been busy teaching schoolchildren, aged 9 - 11, the stories and Big Picture of the Bible.

As well as helping teachers to fulfil the R.E. syllabus, we aim to leave each student excited about the wonderful stories in the Bible and inspired to find out more.


JUST £1 equips our team to teach one more child.

OT - NT Mini Workmap

A resource to aide learning and includes an A3 Poster with 40 specifically designed full colour pictures showing the Big Picture of the Old or New Testament

MINI Workmaps


JUST £2 equips our team to inspire one more child.

OT - NT Mini Storybook

Our friend and author, Andy Robb, has written us two amazing storybooks to replay the Bible stories each child will learn in our sessions. These storybooks will help children carry on their own journey with the Bible.

MINI Storybooks

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If recent surveys are accurate, less than 5% of children in the UK and Ireland, aged 9-11, go to Church on Sundays, but 95% go to school during the week!

We have already taught the Big Picture of the Bible to over half a million students in schools across the UK and Ireland. Our vision is to reach many more.

With your support, we long to take every opportunity to inspire children to look at the Bible for themselves. In our presentations, we consider not only some of the key stories of the Bible, but also what the characters might have experienced and how the students might have responded if they themselves had been in the same boat (quite literally for Noah and Jonah)!



of children go to CHURCH



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How CAN I help?

Please keep our ministry in your prayers.


Could you join our team of volunteer presenters teaching the Big Picture of the Bible where you live?


Please will you support us financially. Every £1 equips our team to teach one more child.